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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Paid search marketing, otherwise known as pay-per-click ads (PPC), can put your offer front and center for people looking to buy what you sell. Right now. This makes it far easier to generate leads. The only challenges are structuring your campaign properly, and having the right content in place to close the sale. We address this by creating high quality content that addresses pain points, offers solutions, and demonstrates thought leadership. Then, we optimize your campaign structure so you can get the best return on ad spend.

Preliminary Market Research

  • We analyze your competitors and the latest industry trends to find the best campaign direction.
  • We also use your historical data to identify strengths.

Creative Engagement Strategy

  • Minimize the guesswork by taking advantage of analytics and user data.
  • We can also conduct interviews and customer surveys to improve your engagement strategy.

Progress The Buyer Journey

  • We build landing pages to meet your buyers where they are in the sales process; awareness, interest, desire, and action.
  • We split test each page for effectiveness and best ROI.

Video Content Development

  • Maximize user attention and build rapport by effectively using video.
  • Video also conveys more information quickly; so we use that medium to display the outcomes your customers are looking for.

Features of our pay-per-click advertising process

The effectiveness of a paid search campaign comes down to the accuracy of the keywords, ad copy, and landing page design. To achieve the best results, the optimization of these three components are essential. Learn more about the details of the PPC advertising process:
On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a web page in a way that communicates its content and value to a search engine. The first step is to develop unique and informative content for a particular subject. The next step is to utilize both HTML markup and relevant keywords, to help search engines understand what questions your page is best equipped to answer. The last step is making sure your content is linkable. This means content that is hidden behind a paywall, requires a login, or otherwise limits the user’s ability to share it – won’t rank well in search engines.
A poor web design can negatively impact SEO. For example, a web page’s readability is given a overall score that is factored into search rankings. So, web pages that are confusing to navigate or are difficult to read, usually don’t rank well. Also, web pages that can’t be crawled or understood by search engines, will also negatively impact SEO. This applies to websites that display a lot of content through Flash, Javascript, or ways other than HTML. Also, a poor performing web page can pull down the overall SEO score of a website. So, if a web page is not adding value to your user’s experience, it should be removed.
The user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) go hand in hand when it comes to creating a business website. A well-executed UI/UX design encourages user confidence in the company. It also creates ease of use. This translates into better customer acquisitions, increased conversions, and a competitive edge over peers with a less user-friendly website design. To learn more about how Click-Through-Rates can affect your PPC Campaign, we suggest reading: What Is Click-Through-Rate & Why CTR is Important
Information technology management is increasingly becoming a major function of most businesses. This is why combining IT with business objectives is at the core of good web design. Additional functionality such as a client login portal or an automated intake process, can benefit both your customers and the business alike.

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web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Helen Ceballo Hernandez
Helen Ceballo-Hernandez
HCH Therapy and Counseling
five star reviewed for spark colony

“They are both a delight and a peace of mind because I know I’m working with someone who pays attention to details.”

web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Graciela Francisco
Graciela Francisco
Interpreting Solutions of Michigan
five star reviewed for spark colony

“I say this ‘hands down,’ they are super professional, they make time for you to advise you of their strategic plan for your business & help you set future goals.”

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