We Are Spark Colony

Digital Marketing Agency Based in NYC

Spark Colony is a digital marketing company that conducts market research, brand design, web development, lead generation, and content creation for B2B and B2C companies. 

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Who we are.

Every brand is built on a good product, a solid process, and the people who run things behind the scenes. These are the fundamental tenants of a healthy business. At Spark Colony, we deconstruct these aspects of your business, and display it to your customers in a way that’s appealing and informative. Our core competencies include:

What we do.

We help our clients communicate with the customers they most want to reach. Our solution-minded approach keeps both the client and their customers in mind; aiming to deliver upfront value, while educating the customer about our client. This, in turn, leads to the highest returns on investment: creating a buying atmosphere that is trustworthy, builds confidence, and inspires the customer to take action.


Ignite the spark in your business.

I am a digital expert generalist; having proficiencies in full stack web development, paid search advertising, other forms of digital marketing, as well as related software solutions that are used to produce various forms of marketing materials. My goal is to produce great work that helps other entrepreneurs communicate their value and make money. To this end, I use my skill set and network of talent to build solutions that allow for small businesses and people with new ideas to accomplish their goals. The right spark, can ignite your business.