Digital Marketing Services by Spark Colony

Spark Colony is a digital marketing agency based in New York City. We focus on growth marketing; utilizing several channels to achieve the best results for our clients. Our mission is to give our clients peace of mind and let them eat cake. Winners cake.

New York Growth Marketing Agency

At Spark Colony, our digital marketing services are centered around the fundamental aspects of your business. Then, we craft a message for your audience that is appealing and informative. We accomplish this through comprehensive research, goal-oriented design, omni-channel deployment, and implementing refinement strategies that consistently improve your digital portfolio. Your goals, become our goals. Working with Spark Colony means hiring a business partner that’s as committed to your success, as you are.

Spark Colony’s Digital Marketing Process

We provide goal-oriented research, design, and brand development for B2B and B2C companies; this leads to deliverables that tailored to specific audiences through customized sales funnels. We achieve this using a team of designers, developers, copywriters, media producers, digital marketers, and other creatives — to reach specific goals.

Step 01: Research

We begin with comprehensive research and customer interviews to create a goal oriented deployment strategy.

Step 02: Design

Then, we design and refine possible user experiences to drive the customer interactions that will yield the best results.

Step 03: Development

Our next step is to build, test, and perfect a final product that is aligned with your company’s mission, brand, and overall goals.

Step 04: Deployment

From there, we execute an omni-channel deployment strategy to make a strong impression upon launch and expedite results.

Step 05: Refinement

Finally, We analyze aggregated data, customer trends, and other relevant information to constantly improve your footprint.

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