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On-Page SEO: The Cornerstone To Your Search Relevance and Page Rank

Fifty-seven percent of marketing managers say relevant, on-page content development is their most effective SEO tactic. Spark Colony ensures that all of your content is optimized using the latest and greatest SEO best practices, so you have the highest probability of ranking well among relevant searches.

The Backbone To Your Website

  • On-Page is fundamental to being found on search.
  • Poor On-Page SEO can even unrank top performing pages, kicking them out of search altogether.

Increases Your Quality Score

  • Having a good page structure means a better experience for your users.
  • This also leads to more time being spent on your page, which improves rankings.

Position Zero & People Also Ask

  • If your content does a good job answering questions, it will show up as a snippet during web searches.
  • This translates into more website traffic overall.

No Keywords Left Behind

  • Having a website that’s well structured, also means your webpages won’t compete for the same keywords.
  • Dominate keyword groups, not just singular terms.

Features of our On-Page Website SEO process

Every business has complete control over its on-page SEO. However, more often than not, many small businesses fail to fully optimize their content. Learn more about the details of the on-page optimization process:
On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a web page in a way that communicates its content and value to a search engine. The first step is to develop unique and informative content for a particular subject. The next step is to utilize both HTML markup and relevant keywords, to help search engines understand what questions your page is best equipped to answer. The last step is making sure your content is linkable. This means content that is hidden behind a paywall, requires a login, or otherwise limits the user’s ability to share it – won’t rank well in search engines. To learn more about On-Page SEO, we suggest reading: Backlinko’s Definitive Guide to On-Page SEO
A poor web design can negatively impact SEO. For example, a web page’s readability is given a overall score that is factored into search rankings. So, web pages that are confusing to navigate or difficult to read, usually don’t rank well. Also, web pages that can’t be crawled or understood by search engines, will also negatively impact website SEO. This applies to websites that display a lot of content through Flash, Javascript, or ways other than HTML. Also, a poor performing web page can pull down the overall SEO score of a website. So, if a web page is not adding value to your user’s experience, it should be removed. To learn more about SEO ranking factors, we suggest reading: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List
E-A-T represents expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It originates from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines—a 168-page report utilized by human quality raters to assess the nature of Google’s search list. Google distributed this archive online in 2013 to “help webmasters comprehend what Google searches for in a webpage.” Some pages are more likely to affect a person’s life, health, money, stability, and future. These pages are referred to as “Your money or your life (YMYL) pages.”

Unauthorized content on these pages can be life threatening. E-A-T enables Google to measure a website’s credibility and likewise how much trust it should place in a website or brand to give Google search engine users the best possible experience by ranking only the website that it fully trusts. To learn more about E-A-T and its effect on SEO, we suggest reading: E-A-T and SEO: How to Create Content That Google Wants

Technical SEO refers to the search friendliness of the code being used on a webpage. Some important technical aspects of On-Page SEO are:

  • Title Tag: The HTML tag in the head section of each webpage.
  • Meta Description: The description of what the page is about.
  • Schema Mark-Up Tags: Semantic references added to HTML to improve the way web crawlers peruse and speak to the webpage in SERPs.
  • Open Graph Tags: HTML markup that controls how URLs are shown when shared on Facebook and some social media channels.
  • Twitter cards: HTML markup that controls how URLs are shown when shared on Twitter and social media related snippets.
  • Site maps: A detailed list of all the webpages within the domain of a website.
  • Header Tags: HTML tags to identify headings and subheadings.
  • Image alt tags: These are used to describe what an image is about on a webpage.
  • Maximizing Website Speed
  • Avoiding Plagiarism

Paying close attention to these factors will help improve your content, authority, and increase your rankings. To learn more about on-page technical SEO, we suggest reading: Ten Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know


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