Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital advertising allows you to put your message in front of people who are looking to buy your services now.

Digital Advertising

Get a marketing campaign that produces immediate and consistent traffic.

The attention span of a new lead is less than a minute. Within the first few seconds, your presentation has to captivate your visitor and immediately speak to their need. Otherwise, they're gone in 60 seconds. This can be especially costly when it comes to a paid search marketing campaign. Make the most of your money. We make sure you're showcasing strong content, effective ad copy, and clear landing pages. This results in better conversions and a positive return on your ad spending.

Digital advertising that grows your audience, sales, and ROI

We focus our efforts on generating new leads.


PPC advertising allows you to skip the line and place your website on the first page of Google for a price.

Social Media Marketing

SMM promotes content and offers in front of tailored audiences that frequent your targeted platform.

Amazon Ad Placements

This form of advertising gives your products preferred placement on Amazon for specific key phrases.

We Manage, Automate, And Market Digital Portfolios

Digital marketing is a multichannel process; one that is determined by your industry and goals. The effectiveness of a campaign comes down to the accuracy of the content, its messaging, and the ad copy used. We focus our efforts on optimizing these three components, to achieve the best results.

premium digital advertising from Spark Colony

Our digital advertising & marketing process.

Our digital advertising process hinges on publishing highly relevant content that builds confidence in your target audience. When this is correctly aligned with your service offering, it drives new leads to action, improves your customer acquisition rate, and ultimately translates into more sales.


Competitor Digital Marketing Analysis

We conduct a market analysis. SWOT analysis. aggregate customer feedback. draft buyer personas, and let the data direct our focus.


Ad Copy & Content Development

We utilize successful trends to develop your ads; using available data to publish content that is aligned with verified ad conversions.


Digital Advertising Campaign Management

We aim to make the most of every single visitor. So, as your campaign matures, we fine tune your campaign - based on the data.

Aiming for the best customer service in digital advertising

What clients say about us.

web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Helen Ceballo Hernandez
Helen Ceballo-Hernandez
HCH Therapy and Counseling
five star reviewed for spark colony

“They are both a delight and a peace of mind because I know I’m working with someone who pays attention to details.”

web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Graciela Francisco
Graciela Francisco
Interpreting Solutions of Michigan
five star reviewed for spark colony

“I say this ‘hands down,’ they are super professional, they make time for you to advise you of their strategic plan for your business & help you set future goals.”

Boost your reach with our SEO roadmap

Start improving your internet marketing today.

Too many businesses don't rank well in search, simply because they don't understand what Google is really using to identify relevant results. The key to better rankings, more traffic, and more leads - is expanding how you communicate your relevance to the search engines. Get your free copy of our SEO roadmap and start getting the search traffic you deserve!

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