Capitalize on algorithm changes and new technologies by securing your long-term market share with organic search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO services that improve your rankings and local search prominence.

It's not uncommon for small business owners and service providers to neglect their search engine optimization. Many operators simply don't understand how their overall search optimization is impacted by information aggregation services. There is also a gap in understanding on how to best position a company on the web, regardless of their website. As a result, many businesses aren't positioned competitively. Our goal is optimizing branded content to increase monthly leads and improve customer acquisition rate.

Search engine optimization that provides long-term returns

SEO Audits, competitor research, and more.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is your key to communicating search relevance and improving organic rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a strategic process that optimizes for location in order to capture local leads.

Off-Page SEO

We publish business citations, occupy web directories, and gain backlinks to improve website SEO.

Review Management

We streamline the way you acquire new reviews from your customers and respond to comments.

Content Marketing

We develop specialized content to demonstrate thought leadership on industry-relevant topics.

Let us identify all your opportunities for growth

We collect your data and competitor data to paint a picture; creating a snapshot of your target audiences. Then, we work it to your advantage. We use this data to identify, confirm, and prioritize varying consumer trends to further your business objectives.

comprehensive search engine optimization from Spark Colony

Our comprehensive search engine optimization process.

Our search engine optimization process is procedural; scaling based on the size of your need. First, we make sure the basics are covered. Then, we set goals based on your current positioning. Finally, we assess trending behaviors and capitalize on opportunities.


Comparative Search Analysis

We start by identifying what you're doing right, where you can improve, and where you stand with respect to your competition.


Keyword Research for SEO

The way search engines optimize their algorithms is ever-changing, so we tailor your keywords to reflect your overall web presence.


Strategic Search Engine Capitalization

We execute a plan based on both your short term and long term opportunities, to make the most of your search engine optimization.

Aiming for the best customer service in SEO

What clients say about us.

web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Helen Ceballo Hernandez
Helen Ceballo-Hernandez
HCH Therapy and Counseling
five star reviewed for spark colony

“They are both a delight and a peace of mind because I know I’m working with someone who pays attention to details.”

web design, search engine optimization, content creation, and digital advertising testimonial by Graciela Francisco
Graciela Francisco
Interpreting Solutions of Michigan
five star reviewed for spark colony

“I say this ‘hands down,’ they are super professional, they make time for you to advise you of their strategic plan for your business & help you set future goals.”

Boost your reach with our SEO roadmap

Start improving your internet marketing today.

Too many businesses don't rank well in search, simply because they don't understand what Google is really using to identify relevant results. The key to better rankings, more traffic, and more leads - is expanding how you communicate your relevance to the search engines. Get your free copy of our SEO roadmap and start getting the search traffic you deserve!

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